TikTube Tech Media Pvt. Ltd launched an app for making short videos. It has been created for real and professional content creators. Here videos Dance and other entertainment for 5 mins duration  can be created.  So let us see how this app works.

Three kinds of video can be uploaded here Free, Premium (monthly subscription base) and Paid.


Now we are growing... if any invertors or financers are interested to join with us, please feel free to mail us at - TikTube2k20@gmail.com


a) Free: Any user can watch the free content by only subscribing to the channel.


b) Premium (Monthly subscription based) : Any channel which has 1K followers can upload premium content. To view such content the users will have to subscribe the channel on a monthly basis and the monthly subscription value will be decided by the channel owner.  A table for guidance is also provided. 


c) Paid : Any channel which has 10k followers can upload paid content. To watch the paid content the user will have to pay the requisite number of coins and the value will be decided by the channel owner. User can watch such content for 24 hours only and if you want to watch it again you will have to pay again. 


The channel owners will have to verify their channel by submitting the documents. Only after verification of the channel the channel owners will be allowed to upload video. 

There will be two kinds of verification one is Individual and the other is Business


Please Note : This is an 18+ app as it is for earning. So any video which is erotic may be given but nothing against the laws of the land and our policy will be allowed. 


Audio Library: Our audio library has songs made only for you. By using these songs you can save yourself from copyright claims. You can access the library only after you verify the channel.  

 The revenue sharing between content creator and Tiktube is  60:40 ratio whereby the content creator will receive 60% and Tiktube will receive 40% of the total revenue earned by the channel.


Upcoming features

There are certain categories of people who can make entertaining videos for the users but are not very good with technology and the web and on the other hand there are certain people who are good with technology and the web. Both these categories of people can help each other and the former can appoint an Account Manager and the account manager will receive an email verification. The account manager will then handle the channel of the content partner but the Account Manager should have a verified channel of their own. 

The Account Manager will get 5% of the total revenue that is earned by the channel and if any account manager is capable of creating multiple channels then there is a possibility of earning a smart income. 

Another new feature is that of a Channel Partner. Any person who has created a channel and has good content but does not have good knowledge can become a channel partner. The channel partner can edit their own content and use the songs given in the audio library of TikTube or create their own content and upload it here. The channel partner shall get 50% of the total revenue that is earned by a channel which will be a source of steady income.

The content partner will not have the right to remove the account manager but can prevent access but the account manager can leave the channel of the content partner.


Tips for content creator

All the real and professional content creators are requested to make good content and upload trailers of the content on the channel and at the end of the video request the viewers to subscribe to the channel to watch the entire video. Then you can share the same in your social media platforms amongst your fans and you will see that they are subscribing to your channel and as soon as you reach 1k subscribers you can upload premium content.


Tips for account managers

If you have good knowledge about technology then we would request you to contact your friends over social media and tell them that if they can make good content then you can help them to earn a steady income. You can also state to them that you will take a certain percentage of the revenue but we would request you before approaching your friends to please make your knowledge regarding tiktube stronger and be updated.


Tips for channel partners

Channel partners can request the big production houses or popular artists who are extremely busy to give their own content and also say that they can edit the content and upload it for using our songs from the Audio Library. You can also say that whatever is the earning that will be shared between you both. Please ask them to create a channel and to add you as an account manager and also get a written authentication from them. If you work honestly there are a lot of possibilities for you two to earn good and steady income from here. There are a number of people who create very entertaining videos like solo dance, you can approach them.


But please keep in mind that if any channel owner who has recruited a number of channel partners and it is seen that all the channel partners are uploading the same  video then the channel may be terminated without giving any notice. For better understanding please read the terms and conditions and privacy policy.


We promise to every content creators channel manager and channel owner and whoever is associated with the application that we will work with honesty and to the best of our ability and would also request you to do the same so that all of us can be successful.


As per our Research these types of content are very popular in web.

How-to videos

Vlogs (family or friends)

Solo / Duet / Group performance with attractive dress.

Gaming videos.

Comedy/skit videos

Haul videos ( for sale or promotional)



Dancing in hindi songs