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TikTube is a Platform for real Content Creators and we’re glad to see that you're interested to join as a Content Creator. If you try to give your best performance, we will also fully support you to be a successful Creator. We have made a calculation from the details given by you so that you can earn approximately Rs. in a month. If you need any help we are always here to assist you. Please Contact Us.

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For Earning You Have To Do The Following Works :-

Tips about how can you earn:-

Every month more than 10 Landscape videos (3-5 minutes each) that have to be posted in the premium section on TikTube. You have to make trailer/(s )for each video, at the end your speech will be like this- “ Hello, friends if you want to watch the full video please download the TikTube app or watch it on our website. My channel subscription charge is 10/- Rs/month only. Please find the link in the description.” 

Benefits:-Those influencers are who are working with us from starting we will take their videos for the promotion and show it to the millions of people over the various platforms .it helps to increase your face value and they have a opportunity to contact us directly if increase their channel will be hacked they can contact us directly and we will take most possible way and try to recover his/her channel and For every premium content creator the subscription fee for the channel is 10 coins (1coin= 1 INR) but for those premium content creator whom we appoint as a influencer the subscription fee for their channel will be up to 50 coins.


1) If you work as a Account Manage and Channel Partner you can a percentage of total revenue   income then also it is a good way of earning. 

2) Make attractive and eye catchy content to attract viewers. 

3) Maximum number of trailer videos will bring the maximum number of subscribers. 

4) To inform your followers and to promote your content upload these trailers on different platforms to gain more followers and subscribers for your TikTube channel. 

5) According to the research of our digital promotion expert team, 30% of your Instagram followers can subscribe your TikTube channe . So don't miss the opportunity as a beginner content creator. Note:- Youtube launched in India on 15th December 2005 and T- Series created his first channel on 13th march 2006 and after that they give contents on a regular basis that's why T--Series become one of the biggest channel in Youtube.

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